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Widespread opposition from local public representatives

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Deputy Ivana Bacik & Councillor Dermot Lacey

"We support SAMRA’s strong objections to the proposed use of much of the south side of the peninsula for container storage as simply untenable; it would be deeply unsightly and unsafe, and would prevent expansion of the beautiful Irishtown Nature Reserve.


We support the proposal put forward by Sandymount and Merrion Residents’ Association (SAMRA) in calling for the completion of an independent review, to include a international comparator study of the way in which other port cities have developed, before the footprint of Dublin Port is expanded any further. In particular, we believe that an independent review should be undertaken urgently into the overarching question of the location of Dublin Port; whether a busy working port with ambitions."

Councillor Hazel Chu

"It would be better to prioritise the social value of public amenity and housing potential of the area rather than future Port development for industrial gain."

Cllr James Geoghegan

"From a city-wide perspective or even just the vantage point of Dublin Bay, can it really be said that against this backdrop and housing need, that 353,000 storage containers is an appropriate fit for this site?"

MEP Ciarán Cuffe

"Dublin Port lands “a missed opportunity” for housing development in the city. This further increases his concern with regards to the “heavily road based” transport infrastructure for Dublin Port."

Deputy Jim O’Callaghan TD

"It is an extraordinarily scenic and central location that should not be wasted on storing acres of haulage containers. We need a proper development plan that recognises much of its land must be used for residential development in order to solve the housing crisis in Dublin.”

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