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Dublin Port's boss - Minister Ryan has significant concerns

The Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan TD has been openly critical of the Dublin Port Company’s expansion plan. What makes this so significant is that the company reports to his department.


In a letter to the Chair of the Dublin Port Company he said he had "significant concerns” with the plan.


He said using the large brownfield site on the Poolbeg peninsula as a centre for storing haulage containers was not the best use of a sensitive site as it would “block the expansion of the Poolbeg nature reserve in the same area”.

He said those lands should be designated as a nature reserve, where biodiversity was encouraged.

“I do not see how this 3FM project, which is predicated on continued reliance on road-based haulage, will contribute to the decarbonization objectives being set at a national level for transport,” he said.


“In fact, they would appear to run counter to these by encouraging more road haulage traffic and congestion.”

“He said the project did not provide for the expansion of rail freight at Dublin Port.

He said this appears to effectively consolidate the type of roll-on, roll-off and load-on, load-off trade which is completely reliant on road access. “In my view, this is not a sustainable approach” he said.

Minister Ryan said the project "does not appear to advance the objectives" of the Government's climate plans.

He has suggested the expansion should focus instead on transporting goods to and from the port by rail.

He said those lands should be designated as a nature reserve, where biodiversity was encouraged.

An Taoiseach supports Minister for Transport


"I think he [Minister Ryan] does make a very valid point around rail-based port developments, the need for more space for nature, and particularly indeed the opportunity of using some of the land in Dublin Port to provide much needed affordable housing."

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadker TD.

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