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Port expansion plan will increase truck traffic on the M50 by 75%.

Extract from Sunday Business Post article - MAY 14, 2023

Transport Infrastructure Ireland has warned that such a rise would require the introduction of new tolls on the motorway  by MICHAEL BRENNAN


Dublin Port has admitted that its expansion plan will increase the number of trucks on the M50 from 10,000 to 17,500 every day.


Dublin Port is planning to double its capacity so that it can handle 3.1 million trailers and containers by 2040.


However, it has acknowledged that this would lead to a 75 per cent increase in truck traffic on the M50 as they travelled via the Dublin Port Tunnel.


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), which operates the M50, has warned that increasing truck traffic by such a scale would require the introduction of demand management measures such as new tolls on the M50.


A spokesman for TII said the number of vehicles using the M50 increased last year by 20 per cent to 149,000 per day on average.


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