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SAMRA - keeps a keen interest in a number of areas that have an impact on the area and the quality of life for residents and visitors.


SAMRA is actively lobbying for the flood defences plans to begin without delay and for work to be undertaken to end the discharge of wast onto the beach when water levels are high.



SAMRA work's with other community groups to support, promote and protect the unique culture and heritage of the village. Village events include, Yeats Day, Blooms Day, The Wren, 



SAMRA successfully lobbied to ban trucks on the Strand Rd and is monitoring developments in relation to the proposed cycle lane on the Strand Road which could cause severe congestion in the rest of the village.

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Task Force

SAMRA has called for a Task Force to co-ordinate the works needs for the seafront (flood fefences, off road cycle way and sewage run prevention.) This is progressing well with full support of local counsellors.



SAMRA is very active in planning issues.  It was a driving force behind the pedestrianisation of part of the village. It monitors developments so they are in  line with protecting the unique heritage of the village and is actively pursuing a plan to significantly enhance the village.

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SAMRA connects and supports local organisations such as the Tidy Towns Committee. It also works closely with Dublin City Council executives, local counsellors and public representatives who are very supportive. 

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