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More HGV trucks on already jammed roads 


Not only will this giant terminal be noisy, it will pollute the environment.

Every container stored in this yard will have to be transported in and out on the back of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). There will be no rail links to this facility. 


Hundreds of extra heavy trucks will travel to and from this terminal every day of the week 24 hours a day.

Already haulage and heavy goods road freight sector, which together with emissions from light commercial vehicles, constitutes c.38% of total transport emissions.

It will increase the number of trucks on the M50 by 75% 

Minister Eamon Ryan TD is against the plan. So is Irish Rail. So are most local representatives.

We support business efficient operations – but not beside where we live.


This is beside the Nature Reserve. It will prevent forever any future expansion and discourage the hundreds of pedestrians who use the adjacent path every day for their exercise.


How can a Government reach its climate targets by introducing more pollution?

“Why is everybody making an effort to reduce carbon emissions and Dublin Port can increase the number of trucks on the M50 by 75%?”

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